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Sony Vegas 10 takes ages to import, with Building Peaks running incredibly slowly at max CPU

I spent a couple of hours troubleshooting why Vegas 10 seemed not to like my Flip Mino AVI files. Although it eventually imported the file – taking over an hour for a minute of SD video! – the audio was empty. Since the hard work seemed to be in ‘Building Peaks’ (detecting the audio track peaks in order to show it graphically), I assumed a codec imcompatibilility.

The Flip Mino AVI files are Microsoft ADPCM, 4bit, 44kHz. Assuming a problem with the drivers, I reinstalled them, but to no avail, even after a reboot. I therefore took the more drastic action of recoding all the audio into a format it could work with.

VirtualDub is a great tool for this – straightforward and free. Having changed the defaults to set Video mode to Direct Stream (ie. don’t touch it), and setting Audio to Full Processing, I set the Audio Compression to PCM (ie. uncompressed, lossless). I then processed a sample file, and tried it in Vegas.. and it worked great!

Both uncompressed PCM and MP3 seem to be readable in Vegas 10 without problem (PCM only adds around 5% file size to the compressed ADPCM, and should be lossless). Virtualdub ran through 1GB of video files in under 2 minutes.

To run this on a batch of files through the GUI would mean adding each file individually to a job list. Much easier, is to process an entire directory with the command line form of Virtualdub, using a saved settings file with the above configuration. You can save the settings from the UI to a file, which I quote here, since it’s just a textfile. I suspect this may not work on your system if  the codecs are in a different order, but have a try.

Flip ADPCM to PCM for Vegas.vcf


Command line for using this file is (including my paths):

C:\Program Files\VirtualDub>virtualdub /s "C:\Documents\! projects\Video Editing\Flip ADPCM to PCM for Vegas.vcf" /b "C:\Documents\! projects\Video Editing\to_process" "C:\Documents\! projects\Video Editing\processed" /r

Job done!

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  1. August 30, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    Wow.. I bet you didn’t think your help would work for so long, but I just had this exact problem, and found it through google in one easy search. THANKS This helped instantly

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