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Using my Hoda / eGalaxy Touchscreen and Bluetooth Dongle with Acer Aspire One Netbook on latest Ubuntu

I decided to install Ubuntu Netbook Edition, which is, quite simply, great – the trouble was, even though Linpus was “fine”, there’s not much support for Fedora 8 (its base) any more. Cue latest Ubuntu install, which, as I’ve said, is great.

However, it also meant trying to install the touchscreen drivers again. I found that the recommended method by eGalaxy, although admirably comprehensive, didn’t work. As I considered trying to build drivers from the source, I found a blog of someone who’d found a quick solution to the same problem. I tried it, and it successfully installed.

However – one major niggle left… Although the touchscreen is now accurately configured (took a couple of attempts to get the config to ‘take’), it does seem to jump to the top-left corner, which I assume is (0,0), at the start and end of every touch. The trouble is, I’m not sure if it’s a driver issue, or bad fitting of the touchscreen… and it’ll take me a while to find the time and patience to open that casing up again. So… for the moment, I just touch very quickly, and either the drivers or Ubuntu seem to miss the ‘corner touch’.

While I’m at it – I also bought a USB Pico dongle, which is tiny, from Mobilefun. And in Ubuntu, it installed so seamlessly I didn’t actually realise it had until I saw a bluetooth icon in one of the app directories. I haven’t paired it with anything yet, but I tried a quick scan, and it picked up my phones and other laptop. All I need to do is dig out the tiny USB cables that came with the touchscreen kit, and I can connect the dongle inside the RAM cover, out of sight!

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  1. June 26, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    Hi Damian,

    Thanks for the link to my blog 🙂

    Unfortunately you read my article just before I moved domains and so the link in your piece here is no longer valid 😦

    The correct new address is: http://rlb.me/2010/05/touchscreen/ (or http://rlb.me/11 for short)

    Hope this helps! Btw I replied to your comments with a link to a useful xorg.conf configuration page


    • damo
      July 6, 2010 at 10:14 pm

      Thanks Rachael! I’ve updated my post.

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