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Life Balance – when the trial expires

Well, I’ve come to that decision point. My 30-day trial has expired. Should I buy Life Balance?

Just a reminder: I’m a long-standing MyLifeOrganized user, but having given up the mobile client when I moved from Windows Mobile to the iPhone, I gave up waiting for an iPhone client, gave up trying various workarounds, and decided to try Life Balance instead as the closest thing to MLO.

So… now the trial has expired, has it stopped working? Well… not quite, not yet. What it’s doing now, is not showing any task prioritisation – so I have my outline, calendar, etc. as normal, but it won’t show me prioritised tasks. I assume that perhaps the functionality will further degrade or stop working altogether as the time wears on.

Although – I can still use it, because I paid the few dollars for the iPhone client. So I can sync LB with the iPhone copy, and the fully paid-up iPhone client CAN show task prioritisation. So I’m ticking along with this for the moment, while I decide what I’m going to do.

The thing is, $70-80 is a lot for a piece of software I’m not sure about. It’s definitely not as instantaneous as MLO; even simple things like being able to flick through and expand/contract/insert using the keyboard rather than hunting around with the mouse pointer… it’s kinda there in LB, but it’s not as quick and intuitive as with MLO. The lack of alarms is my biggest gripe, along with prioritisation being less flexible than MLO.

And – since syncing the laptop and phone requires one of a number of multi-step processes due to my laptop’s corporate firewall software – such as syncing LB laptop with my desktop via DropBox, and then remoting in to my desktop, firing up LB there, and then syncing from my iPhone from there…. then it means I’m less likely to actually sync, and so the data on one or the other is out of date: and I subsequently don’t bother checking it. Again, it defeats the point of GTD software. So I’m reluctant to spend $$$ on it.

So… I remain undecided. Let’s hope iPhone OS 4.0 gives Andrey some more options and renewed drive in developing MLO iPhone.

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  1. May 19, 2010 at 3:38 am

    You may want to look at todoist.com. It takes a little bit to get used to but it has very nice hierarchy support. I am currently using it for all of my non-work tasks. There are a couple of iPhone apps for it. I am currently looking at MLO for as my organizer for work tasks.

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