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Problems with WiFi on Dell E6500 Laptop and D-Link DIR-615 Router – solved?

March 19, 2010 Leave a comment

I’d been having problems with the WiFi between my Dell E6500 Laptop and Dell DIR-615 (a revD2 model, using Ralink chipset) supplied by Virgin Media, with VG1.00 firmware. The laptop would disconnect briefly every 20-30 seconds, reconnecting almost immediately. While the laptop and various programs were able to handle the short disconnection, it seemed to DOS the router – after 12-24 hours, the router would stop giving out IP addresses, and I would need to reset it.

This only happened with the Dell – we had another WinXP laptop, an iPhone, a Mac, and all these were perfectly stable.

Anyway – now that I’ve had time, I’ve downloaded and installed DD-WRT for my router, replacing the existing firmware with a much more powerful OS. One aim of this was to fix the disconnections, and indeed, it seems that the disconnection problems are solved. I also had VPN issues which meant our other laptop failed to connect to a corporate VPN, and that, also, seems to have been solved by enabling VPN passthrough in DD-WRT.

On the downside, my laptop connection seems to only negotiate at 26mbps up in the office, and not much better right next to the router; however, that’s less of an issue, so I’ll live with it for now. I also downloaded a copy of the D-Link firmware, so I can hopefully revert back, if I discover other issues.

The thread for installing DD-WRT to a DIR-615 D2 router is here. Be sure to allocate at least an hour reading all the how-to’s, conditions, and emergency recovery procedures – it’s not that easy.

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“Thinking Rock” GTD app review

March 16, 2010 1 comment

I’m looking for a decent GTD iPhone app, so took the risk and paid upfront for Thinking Rock so I could try it out.

The iPhone app is really bare-bones and a “client” of the desktop app, in comparison to other GTD apps like LifeBalance and Omnifocus which you can use standalone. All you can do is enter new “thoughts”, and view your prioritised tasks – but one does not lead to the other! The actual processing, prioritisation, editing and moving projects and tasks, etc can only be done on the desktop app, which you need to sync to before and after.

As such, it’s very disappointing. If you’re already a Thinking Rock desktop user, this might fulfill a need to have SOMETHING on your iPhone, but it can’t be used at all by itself, and is really just a digital version of a notepad and printout from the desktop app.

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