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Using MyLife Organized (MLO) on the iPhone… a temp solution

Like many, I’m waiting for MyLife Organized to be launched on the iPhone. Until I do… well, I’m using Toodledo… and I’m lost…

Now – someone suggested using CarbonFin Outliner to replicate MLO’s hierarchical structure, and even provided a means of converting it. Since I wasn’t familiar with XSLT or XML conversion or any of that stuff, I played around a bit, and found it pretty easy.

I have no idea what or how to use XSLT, and wanted a low footprint solution. The tool below (Saxon) seemed to work for me. It takes 1MB of disc space, and nothing to install if you already have Java.

Installing Saxon

  1. Download from here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/saxon/files/Saxon-HE/9.2/saxonhe9-2-0-3j.zip/download
  2. Unzip to a folder (there’s nothing to double-click)
  3. Have java installed
  4. Open Command Prompt in the unzip director, and run java -jar saxon9he.jar to test.
  5. Copy/paste the XSL code above into a file called ,say, workaround.xsl

If it works, then:

  1. Export MLO tree using Export -> (MyLife Organized XML Document .xml)  – to the Saxon directory – say MLO.xml
  2. Run java -jar saxon9he.jar -xsl:workaround.xsl MLO.xml > MLO.opml
  3. Go to http://outliner.carbonfin.com/, where you should have/get an account
  4. Import the MLO.opml file – it should load this (mine was 170k)
  5. Buy/install Outliner on your iPhone, and sync it with your online account (username/password required)

Now – this isn’t a great solution, since you can’t sync. Well – perhaps you could in some way, since the reverse direction is possible in some way – but I’ll hold off trying that. But – if you need to reference your MLO data on your iPhone, then this could be handy. If you are expecting to actually create tasks on your iPhone, or complete them, then sorry, it won’t do that!

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  1. Wtje
    January 26, 2011 at 3:33 pm

    Hi, I’m searching for a way to export MLO to opml format. In your message you write (step 5 install Saxon) “copy/past XSL code above”; but I don’t see any code

  2. damo
    January 26, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    Sorry – it seems the link was broken, so I removed it. I tried a quick google for it, but can’t find it…

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