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Treepad Enterprise – one day, my sync will come

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m a keen user of Treepad Plus, for which I maintain databases for Work, Projects, and Home Life. If you don’t know Treepad, it basically provides the ability to build hierarchically-organised knowledgebases, with support for Rich Text Formatting, inline graphics, attachments, and so on.  I was looking for something to organise whatever I learned when I started my new job three years ago, found Treepad, and the rest is history – as my 2GB (compressed) database will testify.

The key advantages of Treepad over, say, a web-based CMS/KB, Wiki, Sharepoint, Domino, or other solution, were:

  • Instantly-responsive PC application
  • Infinite(ish) hierarchies to organise as you like
  • Copy/paste graphics and formatted text in/out of articles, as you like
  • Single app  – no infrastructure effort/maintenance

My KB has been good enough that I’ve shared parts of it relating to standardised RFP question responses with my colleagues. In fact, the Enterprise edition supports multiple users sharing a common database in real-time.


Since I have 30 colleagues who work remotely and mobile around the world, the Enterprise edition is useless, since you only have access to the data when online and connected to the database. There’s no ‘offline’ mode, as you may have when using MS Outlook, for example. I asked the Treepad team if they were working on this, and they said they were, and it’d be available “at some point”.

Unfortunately, a year later, that point has not yet arrived. It’s a shame, because Treepad is a light, fast, productive app, and this kind of collaborative working would be great for us. Hopefully they’re still working on it!

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