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Why does VMWare hang my Dell Laptop?

September 14, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve had my Dell E6500 4GB RAM running XP SP3 for around 6 months now. And I haven’t had time to figure out a problem that constantly nags when I”m running VMWare (which is essential to my job):

Every few minutes, the disc activity light will go on solidly, and the machine will be more and more unusable, until it finishes (which can take up to a minute).

Evidentally VMWare, or a related process, decides to do some I/O-intensive activity that overwhelms the disc I/O, and the whole laptop suffers. Evidentally there’s some problem with the Dell in time, as my old IBM T60P had no such problem. More annoying is that it does this, not just with the internal HDD, but with the 64GB SSD that we bought specifically for running VMs.

I’m a little rusty on measuring i/o performance in WinXP, but will get around to it some time, and then will report any more specific information that I find.

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