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Hoda / eGalax EETI Touchscreen still not working with Windows 7

September 12, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, in my last post, I said I would try the tips at this link on getting my Touchscreen to work in Tablet mode.

Unfortunately no dice. I still don’t get the Pen and Tablet option in my Control Panel, and no swiping, etc. is available in Windows applications.

I did try the following

  • Using the default HID-compliant Mouse installed by Win7 when it detects the touchscreen. This doesn’t support Touch mode
  • Trying to install WinXP/Vista drivers recommended in the post above, or recommended by other eBay touchscreen sellers; these are all older drivers. The drivers themselves made no difference if installed directly, and for the previous Vista/XP installers, the installer itself
  • Installing the Win7 drivers downloaded from EETI’s website. These DO install fine in Win7, and result in the USB Touchscreen Controller(Universal) being installed, which works fine as a mouse, but again: no Swipes.
  • Trying to manually install other drivers within these installer files – there’s a load of USB options in there. However, none of these install properly, and so are useless.
  • Starting the Tablet service which is initially set to Manual in Services.msc.

So – this is what I have right now:

 EETI Touchscreen in Windows 7

It seems a few people have successfully managed to get Swipes working… but how do they do it?

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