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Sebertool M3 review posted on Amazon

September 10, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Just thought I’d copy this here – it’s nothing great, but FYI.

Also FYI – as mentioned below, I did still find the excellent Sebertool M4 in the UK. They’re now made by IDL (who I assume bought Sebertech), and the M4 is called the T10. The only retailer I could find in the UK was Hennie Haynes.

I bought this because I couldn’t find it’s bigger brother, the Sebertool M4 (now made by IDL, and called the.. T10?).

It loses a lot from the M4 – no knife for starters. Actually, that could make it possible to take on aircraft (don’t quote me on this). It retains the pliers, and then a large and small screwdriver on each ‘arm’ – one flat, one cross-head. From the M4, it also misses the tweezers, file, and bottle opener.

Construction is strong, as always. It’s also a fair bit smaller than the M4, so isn’t as bad an alternative as I thought (I never use the tweezers or file; occasionally bottle opener; but I do miss the knife). It’s… OK.

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