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Finally installed EETI / Hoda Technologies Touchscreen on Acer Aspire One A110 8GB

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Hopefully that elongated title means that if you’re in the same boat as me, and googled for it, then you’ll find this post.

AGES ago, I bought a solderless Touchscreen on eBay, with the intention of upgrading my AAO; I also bought 1GB of extra RAM to add at the same time. I also downloaded Windows 7 with the intention of one day trying it out on my netbook. And that day, was last Sunday.

In retrospect – it was painful. The way the touchscreen connects, is that it takes a USB tap off the connector for the webcam. So – how it essentially does that, is to disconnect it at the webcam, route that cable to the left side of the screen, then plug in an extension that brings that USB port allll the way back into the body (via the left hinge), across the base, and plug into the little board which hides in that little back compartment. Since the original webcam connection goes up through the right hinge, your USB feed has essentially done an entire lap of the case!

Anyway – the fitting is fine, although you get an appreciation for just how cramped the case is. The Wireless antennae cable (card in body; antennae in screen) has so little room, Acer actually cut two grooves in the metalwork so that it had somewhere to go. I contemplated taking a Dremel to the case to do the same for my touchscreen cables, despite them being less than 0.5.mm think. It’s that tight.

I guess if it were a soldered connection, you could just tap into the motherboard and have a very short connection. By doing solderless, aside from the length, you have an extra cable going through the already-impossibly-cramped hinges, causing these problems. Given the risk of one of these cables now being scissored by a hinge at some point in the future, you may want to take the risk of soldering instead for a neater solution.

SO – how to do it?

I used this guide, principally: Logical Insanity.  She gives a reasonably clear guide, and she warns against the mistakes that I then went and did regardless.

My own comments?

  • Don’t follow the guide too slavishly. If you’re used to disassemblies, then there’s nothing overly complex here.
  • When reassembling, attach the Touchscreen loosely with the two top screws only at first. It allows you to wiggle and lift the bottom as you route the cables, without it sliding down.
  • Electrical tape around the edges works nearly as well as double-sided tape; and easier to readjust
  • The cable routing IS as hard as everyone says. The new cables can be interfered/at risk of cutting, not just by the screen casing, but also:  the right daughterboard (with the card reader/audio ports on it;  the main body trim (as the hinge covers on this can also cut the cables). Don’t finalise anything until you’ve partially reassembled it and seen these problems.
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