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Synchronise Outlook 2003 with Yahoo Calendar – this time it’s Open Connector

August 6, 2009 1 comment

My search for a new way to sync my secondary Yahoo calendar with an Outlook calendar goes on.

I had been using Yahoo Calendar Sync, basically a rebadged Intellisync, until Yahoo seemed to pull the plug a little while ago. Also – I had upgraded my Yahoo Calendar account to the current beta version, in order to use CalDAV for syncing it with my iPhone – which works great! I’m not sure if this broke the Intellisync connection, but according to many posts, it hasn’t worked for many, for months.

So – this time, another tack: how about I find a CalDAV client for my PC to sync my new Yahoo Calendar with Outlook?

Enter Open Connector. This app promises to act as an internal MAPI server, so Outlook then uses its MAPI services to talk to Open Connector, which then talks to a CalDAV server like Yahoo’s.

Does it work? Well… the installer works fine. A few new features from the quite good demo video that shows you how to set it up.

However – it doesn’t sync with Yahoo. The URL I have on my iPhone gives a timeout when used with Open Connector. At present, I can’t seem to get a debug output to see what’s going wrong. However, my suspicion is that while the iPhone can use HTTPS on port 443 to read from Yahoo, Open Connector probably does not support HTTPS.

If I try an HTTP connection, and use the test feature within the config screen, then Open Connector returns a server error saying connection refused.

If I try an HTTPS connection – well, I just can’t get anything. It sits for 2 minutes, and then reports the connection timed out.

Which is a shame… because this could have been a decent solution going forward, even if it does load Java each time you start Outlook, to run the Open Connector service.

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