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Using a Canon MX860 with Checkpoint SecurRemote

It’s been a while since I posted, but I thought I’d just mention this.

I’ve just bought a Canon MX860. So far, a beautiful all-in-one; the ability to print a photo contact sheet direct from the memory card, let you tick/check the photos you want on the paper sheet, and then scan it back in for it to analyse, and print out your order, is in my book, rather cool. I’ll still order my photos from Photobox because it’s cheaper and the ink may fade less, but still, rather cool.

However – the pain is that while it installed easily on one laptop, it didn’t on my main laptop. After a methodological step-through, it seemed that the culprit was Checkpoint SecurRemote. Although I had disconnected from our VPN, closed the System Tray app, and stopped the two Checkpoint Services, it still couldn’t detect the printer on my home network.

However – once I unbound the Checkpoint binding from the Wireless Network adapter I’m using in my home network – it picked it up. Evidentally, as long as Checkpoint has any influence at all, it’s enough to block whichever ports the printer uses.

I’ve since finished the printer configuration, and I’ve now re-enabled Checkpoint in all forms, and connected to the VPN, and they’re still talking… I haven’t rebooted to finish installation, so we’ll see what that brings.

Also note that I disabled a few other things, which MAY have had an influence: Symantec Firewall/AV, and VMWare Network bindings. They’re all back on as well, though.

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