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Bosch IXO III Power Screwdriver Review

I’ve only used this a couple of times – it seems fine. My first impression when I saw it was “wow, that’s small” – I was expecting something of similar size to a drill, but it’s closer to, say, a drinks can. As it is, it’ll happily sit in a kitchen drawer, rather than a tool rack.

The supply of a square tin with the item inside seems to anticipate that DIYers don’t keep their stuff tidy, and if you’re going to just throw all the bits in a durable tin box – well, they’ve already provided you with one.

I managed to wear it down unscrewing floorboard screws – I just about managed to handle a couple of screws that it couldn’t, but only with all my bodyweight and a perfectly-sized screwdriver; so in most cases, it’ll do the job. I suspect the battery would wear down if you were using it for more than say, one self-assemble furniture items.

Finally – the bit holder is a little fiddly. The bits sit in a holder, and that holder sits in a channel on the charging base. Pick up the base without care, and the holder will fall out. No big deal, and certainly better than having individual bits fall out, but having the holder clip into the base would have been more convenient.

For £15 – good value. For the original price of £30+, it would be too limited; for higher prices, I would expect something that was more durable, had variable speed, and other features.

Oh – I haven’t used the angle attachment in anger, but it seems a gimmick. This driver is very snub-nosed, so if you’re working in a such a tight place that you need the angle attachment, the chances are something else will limit you. eg. The body of the driver. Also, working at an angle, you wouldn’t be able to apply any pressure, which is often needed. For angle work, I have always used a socket set with a right-angle attachment, where I can apply pressure, and will continue to do so. Also – note that the entire driver is generally very short and snub-nosed, so for reaching deep screws, for example, or screws in really tight places, you’ll still need a screwdriver.

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