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BootIt NG problems with Lenovo/IBM Laptop

December 23, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments
I’ve been playing around with trying to use BootIt NG with external USB 2.0 drives on my IBM Lenovo T60p Thinkpad.

I had a lot of initial problems in trying to get the external drives recognised. After a lot of trial and error, it seems BING won’t work with these as external USB devices in BING. Instead, what you have to do is boot the machine with the drive connected and running, and let the BIOS pick it up as an external drive.

In other words, if you press the Blue Thinkpad button on boot and hit F12 – Select Boot Device – and you see the external drives in the list there, then it appears to mean the BIOS has recognised them natively, and then BING will also recognise them as ‘native’ rather than ‘USB 2.0’ drives.

If the drive isn’t recognised at this point, then the alternative is to let BING provide the USB drive support… and it doesn’t; mine hangs and reboots when it initialises the USB 2.0 drivers.

Also, my laptop seems to pick up the drives intermittently; sometimes they appear in the Boot list, sometimes not. I have three enclosures, all from eBay – 2 x USB 2.0 SATA for 2.5″ drives, and a USB 2.0 IDE for a 3.5″ drive. The former work (most of the time); the latter never does.

Also, I’ve tried building a Flash stick for booting BOOT IT NG; this behaves the same way as the USB drives. If the BIOS recognises it, then it’ll boot from it. I’ve been able to boot from the Flash stick, and then work with one of the USB drives with it.

I’m guessing this issue is probably due to a combination of the USB drive firmware, BING, and the Lenovo Laptop BIOS. Getting the three to work enough that I can rely on a particular combination for backup has been a pain.

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