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Run multiple terminals on Windows XP SP3

Since I use my Media Center as a home desktop as well as a video player/PVR, I had used this hack to allow me to log into it remotely, while it was simultaneously being used to play videos on the main display.

Microsoft limit XP systems to only one login at a time – so although you can connect remotely to an XP machine, the local user will be logged out when the remote user connects. One licence = one user for Microsoft.

For those like me who are only one user, but want to do something a bit different, this hack makes things possible. It basically replaces the DLL behind terminal services with an old one which didn’t have the restriction – plus a registry tweak to switch it on. When I installed SP3 recently, it overwrote the hack and I found myself having to reapply it – which, at first glance, seems to be working again!

Of course, you lose any security patches to that DLL. Hopefully there were no biggies…

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