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Simple, cheap, inexpensive mobile charger battery pack?

This is it – the Maplin N62FX (their stock code). Recommended on another forum to someone who lamented the Touch Pro’s battery life; is this the Nirvana of battery chargers?

I currently have a PowerMonkey Classic battery charger. At the time, I thought it was great – you can charge it from USB, and it has tips for my HTC, iPod, etc. etc.  On the downside, the miniUSB tip sticks out almost 2 inches from the bottom of the phone, and is easy to break – I’ve gone through 3 in 5 months, despite taking care. It’s also £40, and a funny tubular shape, with 2200mAH of charge.

The Maplin charger:
– is small (about the width/height of a 10-pack of cigarettes)
flat and slim (and half the thickness of the 10-pack)
– costs £9.99! So cheap, I bought two!
– claims to store 2000mAH
– comes with USB and even a mains charger – it has one charge in/out port, which is Mini-USB
– comes with lots of tips – although they’re quite bulky, and loose
– has a battery level indicator !!! – 4 green LEDs, which light when you press a button
– has on/off by the same button
– did I say it’s cheap?!?

So? Is it perfect?

It’s certainly convenient. I reach in my bag for both, and press the buttons to see which is charged. I connect one to my Touch Pro, which then sit neatly back-to-back, charging in my pocket. The rubberised coating helps keep them together, too. Back at home, or the hotel, I can use the one MiniUSB cable to charge my phone, then the battery (or batteries), ready for the next day.

However: if this is a 2000mAH battery, then how come it only charges my Touch Pro to 60%, when the Touch Pro is 1350mAH? ie. It should be able to charge it more than once over! So – more like 1000mAH, not 2000mAH. Lucky I bought two!

Also – the tips are a bit clunky. Although both my Touch Pro and the N62FX are mini-USB, I have a folded 30cm cable between the two. No biggie, but a tiny miniUSB-miniUSB would be nice. Can you get one anywhere on the planet? Nope. I’ve tried.

But overall: a good, honest, convenient, cheap portable battery. I love them. So get two!

  1. damo
    October 23, 2008 at 11:05 pm

    Oh – I forgot to mention, they’re actually half-price, from £19.99 each. So get two while they’re cheap!

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