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Moving from Kaiser to HTC Touch Pro

Well, following my Kaiser’s early demise due to a loss of signal problem (something I’ve had with it before), I’m now on an early upgrade to a Touch Pro. So… as I go through the usual “why did they do that?” process of change, what do I think? – WHERE’S THE JOG-DIAL? Well, OK, the clue is in the name. But, still, the absence of a jog-dial, which most great and good PDA phones (P910, Hermes, Kaiser, most Blackberries), causes a hude drop in productivity for me. Particularly for moving emails around my Outlook folders, and using WMNewMenu5 for quickdials and SMSes (an essential tool for those of you who still have Jogdials!) – Lack of buttons. Hermes had 6 buttons configurable in the settings tab; Kaiser had 5… +1 (a long press on button 5 providing the 6th). Touch Pro has… ONE! A long press of the Dial button. All others are non-configurable. Granted, the Hangup button can be long-pressed to give you a menu with four common commands (eg. silent, Flight modes), but they’re fixed. – D-pad – less distinct than the older phones – you find yourself unable to press any button without pressing another by accident, butg after a day you master the changea – Keyboard layout – changed a fair bit, meaning I’m pressing Enter instead of Delete, CAPS instead of A (and all other left-side keys feel shifted by 1 place), and FN is no longer in the bottom-left corner (why?!). Again, after a day, I’m getting used to them. – Lack of Web/Mail buttons. Again, going through the Touch interface is slower than one button press, although dedicated mail and SMS keys on the keyboard do mitigate this, now I’m getting used to them. – No Windows key (anywhere), and down from 3 OK buttons to just 1 (the ‘back’ button). Again, less convenient, but I’m getting used to it. – Other keyboard issues: the keyboard seems fine – a bit smaller than the Kaiser, but I think I’ll get as fast on this as I was on that. Currency keys ($£€) are welcome, and the dedicated number keys are too. I find myself missing the tilt of the Kaiser and the possibility of finger-typing (only really used when my thumbs were tired), but again, you get used to it… More moans coming up 🙂

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