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When will you be able to send your location in Google Maps Mobile?

Because it’s a big deal.

How many times have you been trying to find someone; you’re in a city, and you don’t know how to get to the street they’re in; they can’t find a street name or building number to relay to you; or you’re at a gig, a festival, a show, and there’s no easy landmark you can use.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a “Send my location” feature? Just something that reads your position from your GPS, and puts it in an SMS, so you can send it to a friend… and then they can click on it, and see your (and their) position on a map.

Wouldn’t it be cool?

Well… there are problems for this. Quite a few on Pocket PC, and probably on other platforms too. But, chances are, even if you do have one, then your friend will have another one (or none at all), and they’re no use to either of you.

But you’ve both got Google Maps Mobile. Of course you do – everyone does!

So – given that we have almost a ubiquitous program on most people’s phones, that already allows you to look up a location or POI, and send the details as an SMS (but only the address; not the coordinates) – why can’t Google add a simple feature that gives you a “Send this location by SMS”. Or “Send MY location by SMS”.

They’ve already got the connectivity, the the mass market. All they need to do is add that little piece of code!

And then you won’t spend half your festival standing on a railing, holding your phone to your ear with one hand, and waving frantically with the other.

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