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Cheap / Free Bubblewrap, anybody?

[ Apologies for lack of formatting/linking – I’ll do this later! ]

Being a reasonably keen private eBayer (recycling for money), I always reuse boxes and bubblewrap wherever possible; most of my buyers will get a box that came from a recently received gadget.

However, Bubblewrap tends to be in short supply, hence my efforts at other packaging materials (see my previous post on popcorn). Until…. while In Sainsbury’s buying some apples, I noticed the bubblewrap used to protect the layers of the easily brusied fruit, and something went <click>. I picked up a few sheets, and put them in my basket. No-one complained, and the cashier asked me if I wanted to keep them – I surely did.

So – no shortage of bubblewrap ever again, and no need to buy any either. Granted, they’re not huge sheets, but for the average-sized gadget, they’ll do.

Green, clean, and fresh-smelling too!

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