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Coffee gadget that really works: Aeropress Review

I’m a gadget addict, of course, but the thing I get really excited about are gadgets that really work, or are genuinely useful. Few and far between. Like my personal ‘mash-up’ of a SE HBH-610 with a HBH-65 earloop, which I lost last week.

However, this is one of those glorious things. The Aeropress lets you make real coffee. Lots of things let you do that, of course. The thing is whether they let you make coffee easily enough, and quickly enough, and without much cleaning up, that you’re actually going to do it on a regular basis.

My Firebox review was thus:

I never bother with ‘real’ coffee – I can never be bothered to clean my espresso maker, and so only really keep ground coffee for dinner parties, which then has gone off by the time I use it. I bought the AeroPress to see if I could rectify that. And it really has! Once you remove all the bumpf, you can simply screw on the filter, chuck a couple of teaspoons of ground coffee in, pour hot water, stir, squeeze over a cup, and that’s it: fresh americano!

As for the important bit – cleaning – you simply unscrew the plastic filter, push the plunger all the way down to expel the microfilter and grounds into a bin, hold the end of the plunger under a tap, and chuck back in a drawer. It really does take a minute, end-to-end, and the coffee really is good! My miniature espresso maker is now firmly relegated to ornamental status.

It’s all true.

And yes, it does look like a Swedish Penis Enlarger. But the coffee’s still good.

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