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VOIP Testing

SkypeA friend runs a language tuition website, where Skype is used to run live lessons with students over the internet. Recently, she mentioned that one particular student in the US has been having problems with poor voice quality – something that has worked surprisingly reliably for other students.

Hence, I’ve been digging around for some VOIP testing services that I can send to the student, to check their connection. Since online Speed testing is pretty popular, there should be some half-decent public, free, VOIP testing sites, right?

( This is the result of 10 minutes’ Googling and testing, so YMMV on this one! )

1. Visualware MySpeed VOIP

Visualware MySpeed VOIPThis is the business! Assuming these results are genuine and accurate, the website that showcases this company’s product will give you the full treatment using their web-hosted demo, for free.

Download, Upload Speeds; Lag, Jitter. Not just average, but also graphs of instantaneous value over time. And 12 test points around the world to select from. The figures look reasonable compared to my own observations, and the results are excellent.

One worrying observation – the results from all tests are publically accessible, simply by typing/guessing the test number in the URL. Makes it handy for me to retrieve the results from the students’ tests, but don’t rely on any privacy.

2. TestYourVOIP.com

Bandwidth.com VOIP TestMuch simpler: a bar graph ranging from “Forget the Phone” to “”Better than Being There” , and that’s it. Only 7 PoPs, and it requires a Java app install to run.

3. Bandwidth.com VOIP Test

Bandwidth.com VOIP TestLets you click straight into a generic test. Simple to use, and the test execution seems OK, including download, upload, and TCP latency, but it reported only 700kbps download, where the others more correctly measured 4-5Mbps. Nice implementation, but not one to trust.

  1. jim
    April 3, 2008 at 2:00 pm

    Good article about voip testing.

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