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Well, that’s Mira working….


I’d been having problems the last few months with my Apple Remote – it was ‘double-reading’ every button I pressed… so – I’d press ‘down’ once, and it’d go down two options on the menu, or change down two channels, or spin round two options in Front Row. I was using mira, but it seemed to do this whether I was using it or not. Finally, it appeared to work OK for some time after a fresh boot, but always seemed to occur after waking from Sleep mode.

I Googled for an idea, using search terms like ‘apple remote double click’,  ‘double press’, etc. (Hopefully, if you search for the same terms, you’ve found this, and your problems are solved). Finally, since I’d registered mira, I turned to the official support pages.

Bingo – obviously I wasn’t the only one, as Twisted Melon have detailed exactly my problem as the first FAQ question. Basically, Apple released a security patch that prevented apps taking sole control of the IR Remote receiver. Since mira was then unable to do this, Mac OS read and acted on the signal too, and so each app gave the same command – causing a ‘Down’ to be acted on twice, for example.

Apple were supposed to have released a patch for this as another update, but mine still isn’t working. Hence I installed the original Twisted Melon patch, which seems to replace the Remote Receiver app so that the Mac OS native support is disabled.

And voila, it works!

 Front Row

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