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Thinking about the TYTN II…

After having a look at the SonyEricsson P1i today in the SE store on High Street Kensington, it seems time to consider the HTC TYTN II.

Having not really followed the P1, aside from hearing that it was “better” than the shambles that was the P990, I thought it’d be interesting to approach it from a “First Impressions” viewpoint. Well, my first impressions were:

– Nice form factor
– Not enough hardware buttons – no useful shortcuts. The ones that are there are recessed too much, such that they’re hard to push.
– Transitions? Why not tick the box “YES, I would like the opportunity to scroll through menus slowly enough that I have to watch the screen like a hawk in order to select the option I wanted. I realise this will make my phone less easy to use. I have no idea how the iPhone can have transitions and still be productive”. Or alternatively, turn ’em off.
– Entering a calendar appointment one-handed was tough – trying to use the jog-dial / scrollwheel, I found myself able to change the hour in the time box, but then having to touch the screen to change the minutes. An inconsistent interface. I kept reaching for the D-pad that wasn’t there.

And that was it – why spend longer? If you need to be able to dance around the screen just to enter an appointment, where’s the productivity?

So – on to the TYTN 2, perhaps. I hope it’ll resolve the TYTN’s hardware, bugs without introducing too many more. Let us recall:

– The screen backlight that turns on and off as you type
– The keyboard that locks in numerical mode when in a call, such that you can’t type notes
– The keyboard that occasionally completely disables itself
– On WM6: the frequent wait of 10-15 seconds from pressing a button, to having the GUI respond, and stabilise enough so that you can press the next button without it going off and doing something else entirely.

Here’s hoping….

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