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MacOS wins again

I’ve spent the morning grappling with my bedroom media center. It turns out that while MacOS X on my Intel Mac Mini picks up my Samsung LE19R71 LCD TV fine, Windows MCE2005 has no such luck. That means that while I can run the display at 1280×720 on MacOS, Windows is limited to the ‘Default Monitor’ settings of 720×480.

I shall name it… Mini Desktop!

Another victory for Apple’s ‘real’ Plug’n’Play!

Also, part of the ‘Grand Scheme’ is to have the MacMini streaming live TV from my Media Center’s Nebula Electronics DigiTV card/app via WiFi – negating the need for an unsightly aeriel or cabling in the bedroom, and bringing full DTV streaming capabilities to the PC. Unfortunately, the raw MPEG2 stream has, as suspected, proved too much for my (admittedly rather weak) 802.11g network – for the first time, I saw my entire network grind to a halt as the Mac pulled in over 1000 packets/sec; and it still seemed to not be enough to get a video picture!

So – next step is to look for Powerline networking! I’m glad I put that trunking in now…

PS. Also, while on the topic of the Samsung LCD: another annoying feature is that it doesn’t go into power-save/standby mode when the PC cuts the signal (ie. goes into standby itself). Hence it’s not great as a fully automatic bedroom media center… although it does have a manual wake timer and sleep timer on the TV, so it can be configured to come on in the morning, and switch off at night (if you can be bothered to go through the menus to enable the sleep each evening!).

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