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All Hail the K610i

You may wonder what I’m doing with a phone as boring and simple as the K610i….

Well – I bought two – one for myself, one for my girlfriend – so that we could phone, text, MMS, videocall, etc. each other without having to worry about whether our phones were compatible or not: which is important when the other party would only ever try a new technology once, and if it doesn’t work out of the box, never touch it again.

( If only the UK operators would recognise that: I interviewed for Vantrix 6 months ago, who produce software that performs automatic transcoding to ensure that an MMS sent from one phone is correctly received by another – even to the extent of converting Videos into Animated GIFs (if that’s all the handset supports). At the time, one operator had just signed with them. At the same time, I had just about given up on MMS for precisely that reason – my friends & family were tired of getting “You have a message waiting on our Web Portal: please rush to your nearest PC, type in this URL, add your mobile number and PIN, and if you’re still with us, you might see a nice pic at the end )

Anyway: the K610i is great, because it works out of the box. Example: the Remote Control function:

  1. Set up a Bluetooth pairing with your laptop.
  2. Select Remote Control on your phone
  3. Select profile Desktop
  4. Your phone registers with your computer as an HID via Bluetooth. You press a button on the phone, and the computer follows.

That’s it! No added phone software, no PC system-tray apps for $29.99, no special drivers. It just works. Eat that, Nokia E61 and Windows Mobile! I use this for presentations at work, and for controlling my keyboard/mouse-less MacMini media centre at home.

A similar thing for Transferring files to/from the phone. No need for the vendor software – if you want to keep your computer bloat-free, just browse using Bluetooth, and it fully supports the FTP protocol.

Admittedly, this isn’t exactly rocket science these days. But many phones I’ve found come with too many vendor-specific or operator-specific functions, ‘fun’ apps that are neither fun nor useful, and in turn, ignore the simple, clean, powerful, generic functions that allow you to achieve what you want, quickly and easily.

And yes, other SE phones achieve this, and more. But I only paid just over £100 for a brand-new K610i; most newer phones are selling with the same basic functions, just with more megapixels, more RAM, larger SD cards, slimmer design – all of which are incremental improvements on phones like the K610i, but not worth double the bucks.

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