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Life after Intellisync

The search for an Outlook Yahoo Calendar Sync goes on….

After finding a copy of Intellisync for Yahoo on emule, I hit the old problem of Intellisync not working once you’ve tried to use a SyncML phone with Yahoo. It seems that perhaps the calendar location is migrated once you use SyncML, and from that point on Intellisync refuses to log on to the server with a “Cannot log into Yahoo. Please check your username and password and try again” error.

The username/password isn’t the problem, but it seems the default psync.yahoo.com Intellisync server is… Changing this to login.yahoo.com allows a successful login and sync, but whatever my Outlook is syncing with now, it’s not my default Yahoo calendar; hence it’s useless.

So… I’ve changed tack, and tried to find an Outlook SyncML client; this should be a more future-proof approach as well. So far I’ve tried Funambol and Nexthaus SyncJE.

Funambol failed to speak to the Yahoo servers, with an 400 error; it seems, although it’s based on standard SyncML , the clients are only designed to talk to Funambol servers (ie. whichever version of OMA-DS they support), and so won’t talk to Yahoo.

SyncJE appears to be friendlier; it even started off by auto-discovering the default folders, SyncML standard and supported data formats by the server. It also integrates discreetly with Outlook, and has an auto-sync option.

However, it still returns a 400 error when trying to sync with my calendar. A little experimentation may be required. As well as consideration of the £40 price tag….

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