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Yahoo Intellisync RIP

Some freebies often seem too good to be true. Yahoo Intellisync was almost one of them – basically a rebadged version of what is now Nokia Intellisync Pro, it allowed users to sync Outlook, Notes, etc. with their Yahoo Calendar.

I found this particularly useful, since I could share a Yahoo calendar with my girlfriend, and then have our shared calendar view up in Outlook alongside my own, moving and comparing appointments between the two in the process. Without it, it’s back to ye olde web interface for Yahoo…

And no sign of Yahoo! Go! mobile either!? I had been using it on my HTC Hermes, providing me with full Push mail from Yahoo with fully-configurable message download/sync/delete options. Then Yahoo sent out a new version, that explictly removed support for many devices, including mine! They then promised a new ‘supa-dupa’ version of Go! with iPod-like 3D rotating functions… Promised for April, that version is yet to materialise.

Yahoo Go? Yahoo Stop, more like. Followed by Yahoo Reverse. Perhaps, like Vodafone, they panicked when they realised they were being a bit too professional, and doing too good a job. Or, more likely, the staff who knew what they were doing left/were downsized.

Anyway, clicking on the download link for Yahoo Intellisync takes you directly to the Nokia website for a paid-for, non-Yahoo-integrated version.
D Top Tip #343: Always keep a copy of the installer for old apps; they’re often better than the new versions.

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