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And so it’s come to this

February 12, 2007 Leave a comment

So it’s come to this. The other day, I called T-Mobile to ask for a repair bag for my Vario II, and ordered myself a Nokia E61 on Vodafone.

So what do I think of the E61?

Well…. So far, I’m tempted to hold onto the Vario… The big things I miss so far:

– The touchscreen, even though I complained about it not being possible to navigate the Hermes purely with the keys and buttons, hence making one-handed control inconsistent. My thumb pad is already hardening up from excessive joystick use. Ironically, Nokia declared the E61i, with a D-pad and camera, four hours after I ordered this phone. I’ll next be looking for an app launcher program that allows 1-key launching from the standby screen.
In addition, selecting and copy/pasting text becomes a long chore, and the loss of context-sensitive menus when you hold down the cursor is a pain (literally, since you have to use Menu and the joystick instead).
– The softkeys: for actions like switching between Email and Web, or cycling through email accounts. The alternative is to hit RED to go to standby screen, and then a softkey (eg. Joystick up).
– The screen is lower resolution, although it makes it instantly easier to read, which you need when on the move
– WCDMA is slow…. I thought for Web Browsing I wouldn’t miss HSDPA, but I seem to be. I suspect this is partly because PIE renders a page progressively top-to-bottom, while Nokia Browser renders text, and then formats it and inserts pictures. This doesn’t help, as the page is too unstable to read until loading is complete
– The keyboard IS nice on the Hermes – the click feels nicer. However, the audible click was distracting in meetings, so I hope the Nokia won’t be

However, on the E61’s side, we have
– Responsiveness! Instant switching between apps, and especially no lag when switching the screen from landscape to portrait (because there’s no sliding keyboard!)
– Clear, easy-to-read screen
– Lighter, more durable frame
– The rest, I’m still to discover
– Stability! Although let me load it up with apps first!

All this reinforces my appreciation of the P910i, which had a touchscreen, keyboard, large conventional phone keypad, AND scrollwheel for fast operation. I could risk trying a P990, but my intention is to run multiple apps simultaneously, and we all know where the ‘990 stands on that score.

Still there MUST be an app that allows keyboard shortcuts from the Standby Screen, and, if so, I have at least 20 assignable shortcuts to play with.

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