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Key’p waiting

OK – terrible pun.

Today’s brief grapple is with the keyboard lag. Now – with some phones, there’s a system-level buffer that ensures no matter how tied up your CPU is, your keypresses will be safely queued, and continue to be read into whichever your application once it catches it’s breath.

Not the Hermes.

Despite the great keyboard, and the tactile feedback that tells you that you DEFINITELY pressed that key, the CPU must not be too busy, or your keypress will simply be missed.

Now, this may not sound like much of a problem. But what it does mean is that you have to keep a wary eye for each time it DOESmiss something, and you then have to waste time going back to edit it each time. Tis is especially true when you have processes running in the background, like push email.

S – as you can see from the 3 typos in the preceeding paragraph and a bit,it can slow you down if you stop to correct these (for these two paragraphs, I haven’t). This is while on the Underground, where there’s no mobile signal and hence no background load – ie. A relatively easy scenario. It’s also even more annoying if it happens while using a system key such as Fcn or CAPS, and you then end up typing a line full of symbols or SHOUTING.

Whether the Nokia E61 does this, I don’t know – the P910 did have around a 15 character buffer, which was enough for normal use. I wonder if this is true for all Windows Mobile Sartphones…

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