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An early start this morning

December 14, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

My Hermes’ alarm went off at 7.30, as it usually does. However, for some reason, it’s not flashing up a “Notification” alert on the Today screen – so I can’t cancel or turn off the alarm. I’ve turned it off on the “Alarms” screem, but it’s still buzzing. I resorted to putting the phone on Silent, which disables all notifications of alarms, reminders, and calls… and still it buzzed! So I took the battery out.

The other thing you don’t see in the specs, is the vibration mode. On the P910i, there are a number of different types of vibration to indicate what type of alert it is:

“Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz” – Incoming call
“Bzz Bzz Bzz” – Incoming SMS / MMS
“Bzzzz Bzzzz” – Alarm/Calendar appointment

OK – it sounds like a bee convention, but in practice it works well. So – if I was expecting a reminder around that time, and the buzzing sounds like a reminder, I can hit a button to cancel the alert without even needing to take the phone from my pocket.

Compare this with the Hermes’ vibration alerts:


Yep. Not only is any vibration alert identical, but the persistent, harsh nature of the Buzz grates on the nerves of anyone around, and reminds me of an injured fly trying to get out from under an upturned glass. It’s that type of annoying.

I imagine the varied vibration alerts for the P910i come from the days when watching the LED on an Ericsson phone for 10 seconds could tell you everything from network coverage, to how many messages you had, to the weather in Adelaide. It’s not quite as convoluted these days, but it still allows you to know what’s going on immediately, efficiently, and without being annoying!

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