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October 29, 2006 Leave a comment

I’m investigating a fair few things right now, mostly concerned with my gadgets…. I’m rebuilding my Media Centre; I’m still undecided as to whether my HTC Hermes is better than my P910i; and I’m trying to launch “Phase 2” of my Home Media System.

So… since I’m learning a fair bit in the process, I thought I’d share some of this information. I tend to find a fair bit of information from other people’s blogs, so I’m sure some of my findings may be useful to others. Also, this blog gives me a chance to post various info that, while useful, might be too off-topic for my usual Forums.

And in case you’re wondering about the nick; I normally frown upon not using your real name, especially in forums where you expect people to take you seriously (despite being called h4ck3r_2000, for example)….. However – since I might not want everyone who Googles my real name to find my entire life history in one spot (at least, on the gadget side)…. and also as I might talk about various expensive pieces of kit, and not want everyone to know where I live… I’ve opted for the nickname.

Spekx was one of my first BBS logins, BTW. I adopted it because my usual login, Spectre (named after the AC-130 Gunship, which was my favourite ‘plane at the time), was taken on that site. And it’s a handy nick that isn’t often taken on new websites. And that’s it!

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